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McKnight Recruitment is proudly headquartered in Alberta, providing full service staffing solutions across Canada.

Job Hunting?

Finding the perfect job and the right employer can be difficult and a full-time job on its own. Let McKnight Recruitment find the best job placements to meet your experience and personal goals.

Talent Searching?

Let McKnight Recruitment provide you with the experienced and qualified temporary or permanent candidates to complete everything from your site shutdown/turnaround to projects that span from months to years.

Equal Opportunity &  Diversity

At McKnight Recruitment diversity isn’t a buzz word, it’s an important part of the services we provide, tailored to our clients’ individual needs. As companies have varying equal hiring opportunity directives, McKnight Recruitment can ensure that a range of skilled candidates from diverse backgrounds are available. Women and those of Indigenous descent play a vital role in the workforce and are a big part of the team at McKnight Recruitment!

Our Mission

At McKnight Recruitment, our commitment to each of our clients is rooted in building long-term relationships. We believe that success is built in teams and as your business needs change with the fluctuating market demands, we are right by your side to provide cost-effective and timely solutions to meet all your staffing needs. 

Based in the greater Edmonton, AB area for the last five years, McKnight Recruitment specializes in the high-demand, fast-paced sectors of oil and gas, construction and renewable energies, and has a reputation for exceeding expectations and delivering on time and on budget. 

McKnight Recruitment is here to ease your staffing stresses and begin boosting your bottom line.

How McKnight Recruitment Can Save You Time & Money

Time is money. Staffing is one of, if not the biggest, operating expense of any business or corporation. 

Smaller companies spend too much time and money in-house on human resources, recruitment and training instead of growing their businesses through client care and acquisition, quality control and marketing.

Larger businesses slowly see their bottom dollar shrink with too many cooks in the kitchen and costly mistakes happen when the right people aren’t in the room, as productivity decreases and margins of error increase. 

Just one phone call with McKnight Recruitment can land you the pre-screened, skilled candidates you are looking for. We can take care of all your payroll expenses and CRA remittances and save you from the headaches that have been holding you back.

With an impressive roster of qualified, ticketed, skilled staff, McKnight Recruitment can save you immeasurable capital too often thrown away on human resources, training and payroll expenses because you are too busy running your business and are struggling to find the right staff to meet your needs.

Featured Job Openings

Class 1/3 Fluid Driver/Operators

McKnight Recruitment Inc. - Alberta

We're hiring class 1 & 3 drivers with experience hauling fluids and pump operating. Experience with bulking, transferring and pumping a variety of fluids in the oil & gas sector.


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